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Friday, May 25, 2007

W Meets the Press

(Video from Late Night with David Letterman)

Every time I see Bush at a press conference, I can't help but cringe. This is the man who represents the American people to the world, yet he stands up there and talks and acts like a buffoon.

Here's my most cringe-worthy moment from yesterday's press conference...

Q: Mr. President, why is he [Osama bin Laden] still at large?

THE PRESIDENT: Why is he at large? Because we haven't got him yet, Jim. That's why. And he's hiding, and we're looking, and we will continue to look until we bring him to justice. We've brought a lot of his buddies to justice, but not him. That's why he's still at large.

I see. He's still at large because we haven't got him yet. Well, that certainly clears it up. Thanks for the insightful analysis, Mr. President.

Perhaps the highlight of the presser, though, was when a sparrow flying above the president, hearing him once again endorse Alberto Gonzales, offered his opinion by dropping a load on the presidential jacket.

The sparrow was wrestled to the ground by the secret service.

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