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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sex is Bad!

(Video from Penn and Teller's Bullshit)

The U.S. government is very good at wasting the taxpayers' money, and one of the most glaring examples of that is the millions and millions of dollars it pours into Abstinence Only programs. Trying to tell teenagers not to have sex until they get married is like telling George Bush not to make war.

Of course, if this program was effective at stopping teen pregnancy or lowering HIV infections, then it might be worth the money. But of course, it's not. It's just another example of the Bush administration trying to force its morality on the rest of us.

You may wonder what exactly is being taught in these classes. This is it in a nutshell:

1) You are expected to not have sex until you're married.
2) Not having sex is the ONLY way to avoid pregnancy, STDs, and other health problems.
3) If you have sex outside of marriage, many bad things will happen to you.
4) If you have a baby without being married, many bad things will happen to you.
5) We will teach you how to "reject sexual advances."
6) You should be "self-sufficient" (whatever that means) before you have sex.

The programs also discourage the use of condoms by comparing it to a game of Russian Roulette:

“The first player spins the cylinder, points the gun to his/her head, and pulls the trigger. He/she has only one in six chances of being killed. But if one continues to perform this act, the chamber with the bullet will ultimately fall into position under the hammer, and the game ends as one of the players dies. Relying on condoms is like playing Russian roulette.”

And so, using this scientific analogy, they are able to pull this "fact" out of their ass:

“At the least, the chances of getting pregnant with a condom are 1 out of 6.”

Here's an idea. Forget this Abstinence Only crap and give kids ALL the facts about sex. Just a thought.

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