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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Do They Think We're Idiots?

(Video from Fox News)

I, for one, am getting pretty tired of Bush and Tenet and the rest repeating the mantra that "we don't torture." They admit, however, that they use "enhanced interrogation techniques." When asked about them, they say, "we don't talk about techniques."

Do they think we're not able to recognize a euphemism when it's hurled at us? More to the point, do they think we've forgotten about Abu Ghraib?

America has always prided itself on occupying the moral high ground. We're always the first to point the finger at other countries for human rights abuses. Look at what we've become. Is this the America that we want to portray as a model to the rest of the world?

In the video above, Steve Harrigan continues the silly journalistic tradition (pioneered by Rick Sanchez of CNN) of letting themselves be abused in the name of news, as he volunteers to be waterboarded. My favorite quote from the video is when he exclaims, "It took less than 20 minutes to break me." I'm not sure what vital information he gave up, but I suspect that the shameful secret he confessed to was that he works for Fox News.

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