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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Is It Time For The Electric Car?

Imagine never having to buy gasoline again. Imagine a nation not dependent on foreign oil. Imagine cities with clean air, and a world that has solved global warming.

Tesla Motors has imagined all that, and is ready to present to the world The Tesla Roadster, an all-electric car that could just be the beginning of something big. This beautiful sports car goes from 0-60 in 4 seconds, gets over 200 miles per charge, and costs less than 2 cents per mile to drive.

At just under $100,000, this car will have a limited market. But the company plans to use the profits from the sale of the initial high-end cars to manufacture all-electric cars for the rest of us.

Of course, electric cars made a splash in the 90's, but they ended up in the junk pile, thanks to, among other reasons, opposition from car manufacturers and oil companies. But if Tesla can overcome the built-in opposition to the electric car from the naysayers, they just might change the world.

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1 comment:

Ryan said...

Electric cars are way way waaaaay overdue. I'm surprised what with all the technogadgets in the world today that cars are still running off oil. Shouldn't they really be running off Orange Juice by now?