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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Is Dubya a Boob?

(Video from Late Night with David Letterman)

As George W. Bush stumbles and bumbles his way through the English language, the question must be asked, "Is he really the boob that he appears to be, or is he just, well, inarticulate?"

It's not that he just occasionally uses the wrong word or sometimes makes up completely new words (misunderestimate?), it's his entire demeanor. It's not very presidential. Is it really too much to expect a president to appear to be presidential? Listening to him is too often like listening to a 12-year-old trying his best to explain something to an audience of 4-year-olds (I'm the decider? I'm the commander guy?)

I think the truth is that he knows that he's in way over his head in this job. I don't think he ever really wanted the job. He'd just as soon be hanging out on the ranch clearing brush and telling dirty jokes with his buddies. But he was thrust into the job and now the stress of it all is getting to him.

As proof of my thesis, take a look at this video of him speaking when he was running for governor of Texas. He's a different person, one who can complete a sentence that actually makes sense. Maybe once he's left office he'll find his voice again.

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