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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hookers for Hillary!

(Video from Real Time with Bill Maher)

The excitement over the big Deborah Palfrey (aka the D.C. Madam) sex scandal has died down somewhat, although her lawyer says that there may be more big names of clients coming down the pike.

We're now learning a bit more about the madam's political inclinations. She supports Hillary in '08 and "hates" Bush. ("There goes your pardon," her lawyer quipped.)

This makes sense to me. The way I see it, Democrats actually enjoy sex and Republicans think it's a horrid sin to be avoided at all costs. So I won't be surprised if some Democrats are named as clients. The fun part is watching Republicans try to explain their hypocrisy when they get caught with their pants down.

I'm still a bit puzzled, though, how you can run an escort service and hate bush.

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