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Monday, May 28, 2007

Burger Execs Don't Have A Sense of Humor

Jack-in-the-Box has some pretty funny commercials, but don't tell that to the suits over at CKE Restaurants, Inc. They're the fine folks who run the Carl's Jr. and Hardee's fast-food joints. They've got their knickers in a bunch because they want people to know that their new Angus burgers do not, I repeat, do NOT come from a cow's anus. Apparently they're afraid that when Jack-in-the-Box makes fun of their new "Angus" burgers, people will get confused and think they're eating a cow's ass.

So they're doing what all good corporations do when they discover that they're missing their funny bone. They sue. They're trying to get the court to order Jack-in-the-Box to pull the offending ads.

"They're not being funny," CEO Andrew F. Puzder sniffed. "They need to stop misleading people about what Angus beef is."

So take a look at the commercial and judge for yourself if it's funny or not. Personally, I laughed my anus off.

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