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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Civil War on The View

In many ways, the WWF-style verbal fisticuffs on full display on The View represent the bitter divide that cuts through America today. It's left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative, athiests vs. God, blond vs. brunette.

George W. Bush once promised to be a "uniter, not a divider." Apparently he had his fingers crossed when he made that promise. He has done more to split the American populace than any president that I can remember.

Unfortunately for him, the number of Americans willing to follow him into the abyss has grown smaller and smaller. People are turning against him because he doesn't respond to what the people want. He goes his own merry way, happily waging war as the nation screams, "Are you nuts? Stop the goddamn war!"

He has damaged America's reputation around the world for years to come. We can only hope that (assuming we survive the next year and a half) the next president will have the intelligence and compassion required to bring Americans together and once again make America the respected leader of the free world.


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