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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Is Cheney Plotting Against Bush?

Steven Clemons at The Washington Note is reporting that his Washington sources are telling him that Vice-President Dick Cheney, who's always had a hard-on to bomb Iran, may be plotting to force Bush to do the deed. Unhappy that Bush has chosen the diplomatic path with Iran, Cheney may try to get Israel to attack Iran, forcing Iran to retaliate against the U.S. in the Gulf, thereby giving the U.S. justification to go to war with Iran.

He writes...

The thinking on Cheney's team is to collude with Israel, nudging Israel at some key moment in the ongoing standoff between Iran's nuclear activities and international frustration over this to mount a small-scale conventional strike against Natanz using cruise missiles (i.e., not ballistic missiles).

This strategy would sidestep controversies over bomber aircraft and overflight rights over other Middle East nations and could be expected to trigger a sufficient Iranian counter-strike against US forces in the Gulf -- which just became significantly larger -- as to compel Bush to forgo the diplomatic track that the administration realists are advocating and engage in another war.

When I first read this, I thought Holy Shit! That sounds crazy! Then I remembered he was talking about Dick Cheney, a man who is clearly insane. On the bright side, if Cheney really were involved in these kinds of secret shenanigans, they clearly aren't secret anymore. But it sure would add fuel to the impeachment fire that Dennis Kucinich has started.

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