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Sunday, May 6, 2007

So Hungry You Could Eat a Horse?

If you suddenly felt hungry after watching the Kentucky Derby, you may be one of those nuts who thinks people should be eating more horsemeat. The latest person to encourage this is Gordon Ramsay, a noted British chef. He says that he's eaten horse and that it's healthy, with lots of iron and half the fat of beef. He describes it as "slightly gamey" and "packed with protein."

Now I know that some countries are more open-minded about eating horses, including here in Japan, but for most Americans, I think the idea of chowing down on Trigger or Mr. Ed is pretty disgusting.

Even though most Americans don't eat horse, there are three European-owned factories in the U.S. that export about 26 million pounds of horsemeat to Europe and Japan every year. Last September, the House of Representatives passed the "American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act," which bans the transportation and sale of horses for human consumption, but the Senate has not yet passed the bill.

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