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Friday, May 11, 2007

Shiny Happy People

(Video from MNF-IRAQ)

The Pentagon has decided that YouTube is cool, and that it's the perfect place to get out their propaganda. Like the President always says, the media never shows all the good stuff happening in Iraq. All they want to show people are the bombings, and the killings, and the massacres. But you know what? People are getting, like, super bored with all that stuff. It's like watching reruns everyday, for crying out loud!

So the boys in the funny-shaped building have put together a channel on YouTube called MNF-IRAQ (Multi-National Forces-Iraq). They're going to let the people watch all the fun stuff that's happening in Iraq, like all the happy Boy Scouts getting ready for their big jamboree, with the help, of course, of the U.S. military. Can you imagine how hard it would have been for these poor boys to set up their jamboree if we hadn't invaded their country?

So thank God somebody is finally telling the truth about Iraq. Watching these spunky youngsters makes me proud to be an American! Thank you, Mr. President! God Bless You, sir!

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