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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Nuclear Nuts

How safe are we from a possible terrorist attack on a nuclear plant? The question has been raised anew after William E. Clark, who was the security chief at the Palisades nuclear power plant near South Haven on Lake Michigan, told Esquire magazine that he had been a government assassin.

The magazine article suggested that Clark was "emotionally unstable," which is a polite way to say he's nuts. If he really is nuts, that certainly raises some troubling questions about the screening process that applicants are subjected to before they're hired. How exactly does it happen that a nut becomes the head of security at a nuclear power plant?

Add that to the fact that nuclear power plants are still vulnerable to attack from the air, and you have to wonder what the hell the Bush administration's priorities are when it comes to protecting us from terrorism.

Hey, at least they're on top of the toothpaste threat at the airport.

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