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Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Evolution of the Creation Museum

(Video from Comedy Cuts/ITV/Robin Ince)

What's 60,000 square feet and cost $27 million? It's the first-ever Creation Museum, and it's getting ready to open its doors! Peacefully located somewhere in the Greater Cincinnati area, the museum has answered the prayers of millions of people who just can't swallow the monkey business known as evolution.

The museum will show everyone who has an open mind how the earth was created only about 6000 years ago, and how humans and dinosaurs lived happily together (just watch The Flintstones)!

If, after visiting the museum, you still cling to the ridiculous idea that the dinosaurs died out about 65 million years ago, the museum website reminds us that...

Scientists do not dig up anything labeled with those ages. They only uncover dead dinosaurs and their bones do not have labels attached telling how old they are. The idea of millions of years of evolution is just the evolutionists’ story about the past. No scientist was there to see the dinosaurs live through this supposed dinosaur age. In fact, there is no proof whatsoever that the world and its fossil layers are millions of years old. No scientist observed dinosaurs die. Scientists only find the bones in the here and now, and because many of them are evolutionists, they try to fit the story of the dinosaurs into their view.

So there you are. Dinosaur bones do not have labels attached telling how old they are. Case closed.

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