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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Michael Vick is Not a Dog's Best Friend

Michael Vick is the star quarterback for the NFL's Atlanta Falcons. He's in hot water and may be suspended because of what police found on his property.

Last April 25, police raided Vick's property and seized 66 dogs (including 55 pit bulls), along with other items associated with dog fighting (treadmills, syringes and a "pry bar" to forcefully open a dog's jaws).

Vick claims that a cousin was living in his house, and he had no idea that he was involved in illegal dog fighting. Police are still investigating. The dogs will most likely have to be put down because they've been bred to be dangerous fighting animals.

I guess I don't get the entertainment value that some people derive from watching dogs rip each other apart. What kind of sick moron gets a thrill out of breeding dogs to fight and then cheering as they try to mutilate each other? I suppose the same could be said of boxing, but at least with boxers, there is a choice involved. These dogs are forced into this horrible life by their idiot owners.

If Michael Vick was involved in dog fighting, I hope they throw the book at him.

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