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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Bill O'Reilly is Still a Dick

This is priceless. Bill O. is pilloried by an 8-year-old girl on YouTube and it sends him over the edge.

The Coolest 8 Year Old in the World is the most popular video EVER on YouTube. It's a short, amusing promo film for a new CD by a very cool group called the Bastard Fairies. The girl is a very talented child actress portraying a fictitious character. It clearly states this right on the YouTube page. In the film, the girl calls Bill O. on his shit.

So the next thing you know, Bill is on his high horse with Wendy Murphy, a woman competing with Bill to see who can be the most clueless. They go on and on accusing the girl's parents of child abuse, calling it "the ultimate inhumane treatment of a child." (Oh really? Don't tell that to the victims of REAL child abuse!) They show a clip, but never explain the circumstances of the film (it's called "acting," Bill) and they certainly don't let it be known that she was attacking Bill O.

(Video from Fox News)

Of course, for Bill, this isn't about child abuse. This is about Bill being embarrased by a kid and about Bill not liking the message. So he's gonna get her, and her parents, and her little dog, too.

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