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Monday, June 4, 2007

Godfather IV: Fredo's Revenge

It looks like former Attorney General John Ashcroft may be testifying soon in front of Congress about the bizarre episode in which the current Attorney General (who was then Bush's counsel), Alberto Gonzales, rushed over to Ashcroft's hospital bed to try to get him to approve of the administration's nefarious (and illegal) warrentless eavesdropping plan. Fortunately, former deputy Attorney General James Comey was able to rush to Ashcroft's bedside to warn him, and when Gonzales showed up, pen in hand, to pressure Ashcroft to sign, he refused.

Bush eventually signed off on the plan, but was forced to make some changes after as many as 30 angry Justice Department officials (including the head of the FBI, Robert Mueller) threatened to resign.

I never liked Ashcroft much, but I have to admire him for showing some balls in this case and standing up for the rule of law.

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