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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Dog Poop Lady Goes Free!

In my former hometown of Greeley, Colorado, a 64-year-old woman and her dog have struck a blow for free speech.

When Kathleen Ensz kept receiving unwanted political mailers from U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, she decided to take action. She took one of the mailers, wrapped it around some fresh dog poop from her beloved pet, and delivered it to Musgrave's office. She wanted to let Musgrave know that she didn't appreciate the continued junk mail and that she thought her politics "stink."

The D.A. in Greeely, who apparently doesn't have very many real cases, decided to charge Ensz with "criminal use of a noxious substance," and accused her of "intending to disrupt the use of the office building."

Ensz's lawyer argued that she didn't intend to disrupt anything, and that she only wanted to express her opinion. The jury agreed and found her not guilty.

Ensz said that she felt vindicated, but added, “I am sorry I did what I did, and I won’t do it again.”

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Anonymous said...

Wait a minute Doug..............Greeley? Hometown? Could've sworn I used to see you all the time over on San Miguel st. in Colo. Spgs.?